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12.32.060. - Easton's Beach—Regulations

A. Use of Beach.

1. No vehicle shall be allowed on Easton's Beach, except at places designated therefor and upon payment of a parking fee as charged and posted by the Beach Manager.

2. No bathing shall be permitted while danger signs or danger flags are up.

3. No boating shall be allowed within the guarded areas. No ball playing allowed, except on eastern end of beach, generally behind lifeguard chair one and two. No surfboarding allowed, except on western end of beach, generally behind lifeguard chair eight and nine.

4. No pets shall be allowed on the beach from Memorial Day to September 30. No horses shall be allowed on the beach at any time.

5. The use of inner tubes in the water and the use of golf clubs on the beaches is prohibited.

6. Tents or shelters shall give an unobstructed view from the outside and shall be located or removed subject to the beach official's directions.

7. Removal of sand from the premises is prohibited, except on permission from the city manager.

8. The use of all motorized water vehicles, including jet skis, is prohibited from properties and waters of Easton's Beach.

9. The feeding of birds at Easton's Beach is prohibited.

B. Use of Bathing Houses and Pavilions. No person shall dress, undress or change his or her street or house wearing apparel to bathing apparel, or bathing apparel to street or house apparel, on any part of Easton's Beach, except in bathing houses and pavilions provided for such purposes.

C. Indecent Exposure. No person shall bathe in the waters of the ocean at the beach without being decently clothed or dressed, or indecently expose the whole or any part of his or her body, naked or unclothed, at or upon the beach or in the waters, while bathing, going to or from the waters, undressing, dressing, changing his or her clothes or otherwise.

D. Littering. No person shall throw or deposit upon Easton's Beach, or on or about the buildings or walks thereon, any filth, offal, papers, food particles, glass, bottles, china, rubbish or other substances, except in containers provided therefor.

E. No person shall smoke a cigarette, cigar, or other tobacco-related product on or within any beach or public park owned, operated, maintained or managed by the city. No person shall dispose of cigarette butts, cigar butts, or any tobacco-related waste on or within any beach or public park owned, operated, maintained or managed by the city.

F. Fees shall be as specified in Chapter 2.120, General Fee Schedule.

G. No bicycle, motorcycle, motor vehicle, skateboard, roller blade, or roller skates of any kind may be ridden or driven on any portion of the boardwalk at Easton's Beach.

H. No bicycles or skateboards may be operated in the parking lots or pedestrian areas.

I. No bicycles shall be permitted in the designated skate park area.

J. Skate park hours shall be from nine a.m. to dusk, weather permitting. At no time shall the public be permitted in the area after nine p.m.

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