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The City of Newport is offering an ACH automatic debit program for water and sewer bills effective July 1, 2015. The automatic debit program provides a convenient way to make your monthly payments without the preparation and mailing of checks, or paying fees associated with credit cards.

How it works:

An ACH automatic debit program is a program where you authorize the City (through the City's banking institution) to deduct your monthly water and sewer payment directly from your bank account on the due date avoiding any late charges. You will continue to receive monthly bills.

If you have specific questions about water and/or sewer charges on your bill, you will need to contact the City of Newport Utilities Department at 401-845-5604.

The City of Newport will enroll you in the program after receiving your application (please see link below) and a voided check. The signed application gives authorization to the City of Newport to deduct the monthly payments on the due date until such time as the authorization is rescinded. You do not need to provide monthly approval.

This program is designed to provide an easy payment method that does not charge additional fees. It is designed to provide flexibility for customers that do NOT intend to change ownership on their property in the next twelve months. Please call 401-845-5404 if you have any questions about the automatic debit program.

Please fill out and sign the application form and return it to the address below with a voided check (or copy) to:

City of Newport, ACH PROGRAM
Collections Dept
43 Broadway
Newport, RI  02840


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