Metered Parking

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 On-Street Parking Meters

Metered parking is in effect from May 1st through October 31st.  On-street metered parking is located on specific streets throughout downtown Newport and along Memorial Blvd. at Easton’s Beach.  Parking at an on-street metered space is limited to a maximum of three hours and the rate is $1.25 per hour.  The meters located on Memorial Blvd. near Easton's Beach are $2 per hour.


Metered Parking at Cliff Walk and Forty Steps

A Pay-by-Plate multi-space parking meter is located Narragansett Ave near the Forty Steps Restroom.  Choose the number of hours you wish to park (up to 4 hours), enter your license plate number and deposit your payment (credit card, coins or dollars, $1.25 per hour).  There is no need to return to your vehicle to put a receipt on the dashboard.

 digital multi-space meter