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Though there is little written history about the Carousel at Easton’s Beach, its importance to the beach property and Newport Residents is undeniable. The Carousel at Easton’s Beach has been a fixture since 1958, when it was brought to Newport, Rhode Island from Tonawada, New York by the Allan Herschell Company, a famous company that developed amusement rides and specialized in the design of roller-coasters and carousels. The Carousel at Easton’s Beach is a rare Allan Herschell Company four-row carousel in the metal class that is still in its original condition.

The Carousel at Easton’s Beach, like many other Allan Herschell Company rides, was originally created to be a portable structure. In 1994, the carousel was moved from its original ground level location to the second level, adjacent to the Rotunda building. Because this ride was built to be portable, the move from its original location to the second level was possible without a complete rebuild or reconstruction. 

Today, the Carousel rests on the second level of the Rotunda Complex and has many crucial assets to Easton's Beach, including its use during weddings, birthday parties, and private events. 

Carousel Flyer - 2018 Season