Almy Pond TMDL Management

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In September 2007, RIDEM completed TMDL addressing phosphourus and phosphorus-related impairments to nine eutrophic ponds. The TMDL identified Almy Pond as having severe rutrient impairment and classified the major sources of phosphorus to Almy Pond, not necessarily in order of significance, are storm water, waterfowl, internal cycling and potentially wastewater. If you would like to learn more about nutrient-impaired ponds in Rhode Island, including Almy Ponds, please visit the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Managements Website at:

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Almy Pond

The City in response to the TMDL has conducted sewer leak investigations and dry weather illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination (IDDE) work in the area of Almy Pond. This work allowed for wastewater to be discounted as a likely source of phosphorus to Almy Pond.

The federal Clean Water Act ( requires that states develop Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) plans for waters not meeting one or more water quality criteria. TMDL plans identify water quality goals, necessary pollutant reductions to achieve these goals, the sources of pollution believed responsible for the pollution problems, and the necessary pollution control actions to achieve the required reductions and support the water body's designated uses. These water quality restoration plans are in essence a prescription for the water body's return to a safe and healthy aquatic ecosystem.

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The City of Newport has begun a project to study nutrient loading in Almy Pond. In December, 2012 the City Council awarded a contract for engineering services to PARE Corporation for the preparation of the Almy Pond TMDL Management Plan. The purpose of this project is to determine the primary sources of the nutrients and to evaluate methods to decrease them, which will result in improved water quality in the Pond. Among other elements, including future public meetings, the project will involve sampling and analysis of storm water and pond sediments.

In January 2013, and again during the summer of 2013 personnel from PARE Corporation, the City's environmental consultant for the project, collecting water and sediment samples; both on land at drainage outfalls and from a small boat on the pond. The pond sample locations are marked with small, temporary floats that will be removed at the end of the study.

In January 2013, and again during the summer of 2013 personnel from PARE Corporation, the City's environmental consultant for the project, collected water and sediment samples; both on land at drainage outfalls and from a smal boat on the pond. This sampling was critical for characterization and identification of the sources of the impairment that resulted in the TMDL.

The City of Newport Department of Utilities held a Almy Pond TMDL Management Plan Public Informational Meeting, Tuesday, May 7, 2014. The meeting provided a general background on the Almy Pond TMDL and the associated development of the Management Plan. PARE Corporation reviewed the analysis of the source water sediment sampling which produced the characterization and identification of the phosphorus loading to Almy Pond.

The phased management approach phosphorus TMDL Management Plan was also presented. The City proposed to monitor phosphorus reduction to Almy Pond in a phased approach to ensure use of our resources.

Phase 1

Catch Basin Retrofit Program; Catch Basin Cleaning; Increased Street Sweeping and Implement and study the effectiveness of the Public Outreach and Education Program over the course of 1-2 seasons.

Phase 2

Phase 1 activities and implement and study the effectiveness of non-structural BMPs over the course of 1-2 seasons.

Phase 3

Phase 1 and 2 activities and identify and implement the most appropriate structural - BMPs in the watershed and study their effectiveness over the course of 3-5 seasons.

Phase 4

If Phase's 1-3 are insufficient, develop and implement a strategy for addressing phosphorus accumulation in pond sediments.

Public Informational Meetings

- May 7, 2014 Presentation

- November 2, 2016 Presentation

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Robert Schultz P.E., Deputy Director of Utilities, at (401) 845-5614.