Harbor Monitoring Program

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Newport Harbor Water Quality Monitoring

In conjunction with the work to develop a CSO Long Term Control Plan, the City has implemented a weekly sampling program to monitor the water quality of Newport Harbor. The monitoring plan will provide a baseline of the water quality in Newport Harbor and allow the City to assess the effectiveness of improvements underway to address the discharges from the Wellington Avenue and Washington Street CSO Facilities. The City worked with the RIDEM to identify the ten (10) sampling sites in Newport Harbor.

The sites selected are from the RIDEM Shellfish Program monitoring locations and two additional sites requested by the RIDEM. The sites are identified on the attached maps. The sampling is conducted by staff from United Water and transported to a laboratory for analysis. The Newport Harbor Master is providing assistance by providing boat transportation to access the sampling sites.

The time, weather, tide, water temperature, and pH are recorded for each sample. In addition each sample is analyzed for Fecal Coliform; Enterococci; Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD5); Total Suspended Solids (TSS); Total Kjeldahl Nitogen (TKN); and salinity.

The monitoring results for each site are provided as follows:


Sample Location 6-4

Sample Location 6-5

Sample Location 6-22

Sample Location 6-23


Sample Location 6-24

Sample Location 6-25

Sample Location 6-27

Sample Location 6-28

Sample Location DEM-A

Sample Location DEM-B