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Temporary hours for records will be 8 a.m. - 3 p.m.
7 Days per Week
Open later on a day to day basis

Phone (401) 847-1306
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Sergeant Greg Belcher
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Contact Information

Temporary hours for records will be 8 a.m. - 3 p.m.
7 Days per Week
Open later on a day to day basis

Phone (401) 847-1306
Fax (401) 847-5598

Sergeant Greg Belcher
Administrative Services and Keeper of the Records »


Access to Public Records Act:  To obtain a copy of a report you may come into the station and speak with a clerk, or click here to complete the request online.  After the request is filed we have 10 business days to either provide the report or notify you of the reason we are unable to accommodate your request.

Home and Business Alarm Permits: Read these instructions and complete this form, then return to Records.

File a Police Report:  Most police reports need to be completed in person.  However we understand that this may not be possible in every case, especially due to the large number of visitors we have every day.  We have an Online Incident Reporting Form to make it easier to report minor incidents.  If you use this form, please read the instructions carefully.

Frequently Asked Questions

Minimum Requirements:

  • Must be at least 21 years of age on the date of the examination announcement

  • Must be a high school graduate or possess a General Education Diploma (GED) or equivalent at the time of application.

  • Applicants claiming Veterans preference must present proof of entrance and separation dates at time of application.

  • Must present a copy of birth certificate, high school diploma or GED certificate, DD-214, valid state driver's license with application.

Examination Process (not necessarily in this order):

  • General Aptitude Test

  • Physical Performance Assessment Examination (to demonstrate the essential functions of a Police Officer)

  • Physical Examination and Drug Screen

  • Psychological Examination

  • Multiple Oral Board Interviews

  • Department Background Investigations

  • Personal Reference Investigations

  • Swim Examination

All applicants must pass each examination to qualify for subsequent testing. An applicant who successfully passes all of the examinations will be placed on an eligibility register in accordance with his/her overall examination scores.
As vacancies occur, a successful ranking applicant will be appointed as a Police Officer Trainee and assigned to attend the Rhode Island Municipal Police Training Academy for a 20-week training course as required by the Rhode Island Municipal Training Academy.  After successful completion of the training course, the applicant will be appointed as a Probationary Police Officer for one year and receive further in-service training.  After successful completion of one year as a Probationary Police Officer, the applicant will be appointed as a permanent member of the Newport Police Department.
Police Officer Trainee (while attending Rhode Island Municipal Police Training Academy) - $650 per week
Police Officer - Pay Range $48,601 - $60,605
Applicants must complete a city employment application form which can be obtained from the Human Resources office or on line at www.cityofnewport.com.  The application and required certificates must be submitted to the Human Resources Administrator, City Hall, 43 Broadway, Newport, R.I. 02840.

To obtain a copy of a police report you must contact the Newport Police Department Records Office twenty-four (24) hours prior to picking up the report.

The charge for a motor vehicle accident report is $1.50. You can access accident reports from www.BuyCrash.com  The charge for other types of incident reports is typically 15 cents per page. These fees are subject to change without notice.

To have a copy of a report mailed to you, send a written request with a check for the appropriate amount and a stamped, self-addressed business-sized envelope to Newport Police Department, Records Office, 120 Broadway, Newport, RI 02840. Reports can not be faxed.


Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) inspections are necessary prior to registering a car if the car is bought out of state or has previously been registered out of state.

VIN Inspections are done from 8 A.M until 3 P.M., Wednesdays, for a fee of $10.00. When coming by for a VIN inspection, bring your registration and proof of ownership (i.e. title if car is less than ten years old).

The VIN inspector's desk is located in the front lobby of the police station.

The department encourages citizens to report lost or stolen property.

When a report is made, the Records Division enters a description of missing items into the Lost/Stolen Property file in our Records Management System.

When a citizen finds property and turns it over to the police department, the BCI/Property Officer enters it into the Found Property file. He then tries to identify and contact the owner to return it.

If there is no owner identification associated with the item, he searches the Lost/Stolen Property file for matching items. If he finds any matches, he contacts the reported owner to arrange for an identification by documentary proof of ownership, serial number, or ability to accurately describe the property.

If you have lost something, we recommend you make a lost property report, rather than just calling the Records Office to see if the lost item has been turned in. Without a report, we cannot contact you if your item is subsequently recovered.

Current Attorney General's Office guidelines allow the department to return the found property to the finder if it has not been claimed in 90 days.

If the finder does not claim the item within another 90 days (6 months from turning it in), the item becomes the property of the state. It is then auctioned and the proceeds, less auction expenses, are sent to the state Unclaimed Property office.

Auctions are advertised in the Newport Daily News and on this website's News page.

City Ordinance 10.72.030 states that a bicycle license is required.

No person residing in the city for a period of thirty (30) days or more shall ride or use a bicycle without first obtaining from the police department a license as prescribed in this ordinance.

You can register your bicycle online with BikeNewport.

Civilian fingerprints are done by appointment only on Wednesday from 9 A.M.  to 11 A.M.  Please call to schedule your appointment by contacting The CID Detective Secretary at (401-847-8300) Ext 5761.


            The Newport Police Department will be conducting a background check for your prospected employer. This check will submit your fingerprints by computer terminal to retrieve any and all criminal history results.  You MUST be a Newport resident for The Newport Police to conduct your background check (if not you must respond to your residence jurisdiction for the background check).  The following items will be required to hand to the BCI Detective or designee at the time of obtaining finger prints;

  1. A positive and active Identification card with picture which will be either a State Driver’s License, Identification Card or a US Passport. (No other forms of ID will be accepted).

  2. A request in writing from the prospected employer for the background checks to include the reason of employment.

If these requested documents are not in hand and presented to the BCI Detective or designee we will not perform the background.

            By state mandate the following specific employments are only allowed by your local police department for background check;

Child Care/ Day Care (Employees), Massage Therapist, Mental Health Facilities, Adoption, Foster Care, Firefighter Employment, Medical Marijuana, DCYF Employees and School Employees.




Background Result Procedure

After finger prints are taken and results return back to the police department.  A “No Disqualifying Information” or “Maybe Disqualification Information” letter will be sent to the prospected employer.  If you wish a copy of your results, contact The BCI Division of this police department to schedule a time for pick up. (Only the applicant can pick it up and you must provide positive ID as mentioned above).

Applicant Notification and Record Challenge:

 Your fingerprints will be used to check the criminal history records of the FBI.  You have the opportunity to complete or challenge the accuracy of the information contained in the FBI identification record.  The procedure for obtaining a change, correction, or updating an FBI identification record are set forth in Title 28, CFR, 16.34. The subject may direct his/her challenge as to the accuracy or completeness of any entry on his/her record to the FBI, Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Division, ATTN: SCU, Mod. D-2, 1000 Custer Hollow Road, Clarksburg, WV 26306.


Effective June 1st, 2011 the fee for fingerprints will be as follows:

  • $40.00 for School department employees and any other person that has to have prints submitted to BCI
  • $10.00 for anyone requesting an applicant fingerprint card for any reason
  • $10.00 for housing authority applicants

Fingerprinting services by the Newport Police Department will only be done for City of Newport Residents.

The time for fingerprints will be on Wednesdays from 0900-1100 by appointment only.

The Office of Professional Standards investigates the conduct of officers.  Please visit their page by clicking here.


You must come to the police department in person to request your criminal history. You must provide your date of birth, social security number and picture identification.

There is a $5.00 charge for this service. Fees are subject to change without notice.


You can request a state criminal history from the Attorney General's Office, BCI unit, 150 South Main Street, Providence, RI 02903. The telephone number is (401) 274-4400.


The Records Office is typically open 8 A.M. to 8 P.M Sun-Thurs and 8 A.M to Midnight on Friday and Saturday.

Although requests may be accepted at any time, certain requests can only be processed during normal business hours of 8:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.