📢 City Hall Closed Wednesday, June 19th 📢

City Hall and offices will be CLOSED on Wednesday, June 19th for the Juneteenth Holiday. The Waste Management Transfer Station will also be closed resulting i a one-day delay for all trash, recycling and bulky waste collections.  Download a Trash Calendar →


Stormwater runoff is collected in a system of catch basins and directed through a network of pipes and swales to one of the 50 outfalls. The Department of Utilities, Water Pollution Control Division maintains the storm drain pipes and catch basins. Any questions regarding flooding, a blocked catch basin, an illicit connection, or a new or existing connection to the storm drain system should be directed to the Department of Utilities at (401) 845-5600.

Questions regarding a new or existing connection to the storm drain system should be directed to the Department of Utilities at (401) 845-5600.

The City has available a brochure to explain the importance of stormwater management and how individual homeowners can help. The brochure is available here: Solution to Pollution

The Department of Utilities wishes to remind everyone that catch basins and storm drains lead directly to local waters... No filters... No treatment. Pollutants that enter storm drains wind up in our drinking water supply reservoirs, our beaches, and/or Newport Harbor.

Also please remember to pick up after dogs and dispose of in the proper trash receptacle.

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