Budgets, ACFRs, CIPs & Annual Performance Reports

FY2022 Adopted & FY2023 Projected Biennial Budget 

FY2021 Adopted Budget 

Be sure to download your copy of the adopted FY2020-21 budget in searchable .PDF format.

May 21st, 2020 School Bond Presentation

Introduction to School Bonds | NPS School Construction Presentation

Annual Comprehensive Financial Reports

Browse through and look back on recent fiscal years through the City's Annual Comprehensive Financial Report

Capital Improvement Projects

Browse through current and future potential capital improvements

Annual Performance Reports

Browse through current and future potential capital improvements

Taken together, the City's Annual Budget, Annual Comprehensive Financial Reports, and Capital Improvement Program provide a holistic view of the City's finances.  Use the links below to browse, search, and review the City's official financial reports. 


Helpful Information

Popular Annual Financial Reports

Browse and review the City's annual financial reports in an easily understood format


Capital Improvement Plans

Learn about how we're investing in Newport through the City's Capital Improvement Plan

Transparency Portal

Learn more about the City's annual budget and understand how your tax dollars are spent.