Waiting List

Applications are available for the following Mooring Fields:

  • Main Harbor
  • Spindle
  • Point
  • Brenton Cove

Moorings are allotted at an 8:1 ratio. 8 Resident to 1 Non- Resident.
The Mooring Waiting List has approximately 600 people listed in the 4 separate fields. The wait time is approximately 10 years for residents and fifteen years for Non-Residents.

To prove residency you must have a valid driver’s license with a current Newport address or a Newport voter registration card. The fee for the Mooring Wait List is $25.00 for the initial application and $10.00
annually to renew your application.

Please note tha it is the APPLICANT'S responsibility to update their contact information with the Harbormaster’s Office.

Want to know where are you on the waiting list? Check the appropriate link below:

** Each list has been updated as of September 18, 2019

Spindle List 
Main Harbor
Point List
Brenton Cove