Holiday Schedule

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Please note: City Hall and Offices will be CLOSED on Monday, Jan. 17th in observance of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. The Waste Management Transfer Station will also be closed, resulting in a one-day collection delay for all trash, recycling and bulky waste. The 2022 Yard Waste and Holiday Trash calendar, is now available online for download at

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Flood Safe Newport


The City of Newport is dedicated to the safety of all residents and infrastructure. Understanding flooding and being able to protect yourself and your home and business before, during, and after a flood is the purpose of the information found on this website.We are providing sources for information to prepare your home or workplace, develop an emergency communications plan, and know what to do when a flood is approaching your home or business. Taking action today can save your life and property tomorrow.

Helpful Links

Sign up for Emergency Alerts

Be sure to be informed in the event of an emergency. Sign up for alerts from the City

Get an Elevation Certificate

Find out if your property is in a flood plain and learn how to obtain an Elevation Certificate

View Photos of Past Storm Events

Newport has a history of weathering severe storms, but their legacies are lasting

Explore Newport's GIS Flood Maps

Find out what you can expect at your property in the event of a coastal storm

Review Newport's Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan

Find out if your property is in a flood plain and learn how to obtain an Elevation Certificate

Rhode Island Risk Rating

Find out about Rhode Island's Risk Rating

Stay Flood Safe

Flood Safety: The Risk is Real

Flood Safety: The Risk is Real

In the past 10 years, all 50 states have experienced flooding. Click here to learn more about how you can prepare for, and be safe, in the event of a flood.

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