Vision Statement

Newport Police Department patrol officers are committed to collaborating with our community to combat crime through walking, bicycle, and mobile beats that foster direct community engagement.  The police department will combine input from our citizens and our patrol officers' professional knowledge/skills to enhance the quality of life and well-being of our residents and visitors through the enforcement of city ordinances and state law.  We will maintain transparency and accountability in our operations with the use of technology and documentation.  

Newport Police Department detectives will conduct professional, thorough investigations of crimes using the latest technology and investigatory techniques.  Criminal cases will be prepared for prosecution and we will work with municipal, state, and federal agencies to provide the best possible outcome for the victim of crimes. 

The Newport Police Department administration is committed to positive employee retention and recruitment progress by creating a sought-after working environment.  The police department administration will facilitate effective training, wellness, and support programs for all personnel to create a healthy and professional work environment.  The Newport Police Department strives to increase diversity among our ranks, is committed to innovation, and provide exceptional police services consistent with our core values.