Cliff Walk Trail Marker #16

Bailey’s Beach
Bailey’s Beach is part of the private Spouting Rock Beach Association.  It was founded in the 1890s and today approximately 500 families belong to the Association.  The organization has attracted notable members of nearby families such as the Vanderbilts, Astors and Kennedys.
Bailey’s Beach was one of the centers of Newport society life along with other institutions such as the Redwood Library, Newport Country Club, Trinity Church, the Clambake Club, the Newport Reading Room, the New York Yacht Club summer clubhouse, and the Newport Casino. Despite the private status of the beach club, the northeast end of the beach, where the Cliff Walk ends, is open to the public.  However, please note that Bailey’s Beach is private and NOT open to the public.
To return to downtown Newport, turn right at the Walk’s exit and walk one and a half blocks (just past Ledge Rd.), where you’ll find the #67 bus stop.  The 67 bus will take you back to downtown Newport via Bellevue Ave.

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