Traffic Enforcement

Sergeant Jason Head
(401) 845-5728

Detective Justin Vachon
(401) 845-5735

Detective Johh Sullivan
(401) 845-5765

Police Sergeant Jason Head

Traffic in Newport is a common source of complaints among Newport residents. There are many facets to traffic management and there is no universal solution. The police department's traffic unit is responsible for enforcement, planning and education.

The purpose of this section is to make the public more aware of what we are doing to improve traffic. Sergeant Head and the Traffic Unit spread the word at neighborhood meetings, the Citizens' Police Academy and to people who call with a neighborhood traffic concern. The topics Sergeant Head most frequently discusses will be mentioned in the Traffic Enforcement pages.  If you have a traffic concern you would like to report please Click Here

Temporary No Parking Sign Request Forms
The Newport Police Department accepts request for temporary no parking signs due to the need of reserving parking spaces on city streets for temporary means such as (construction equipment, moving vans…etc.).  Please review the terms on the form Temporary No Parking Request and fill it out entirely.  After completion, you can either submit the form by email to or or drop it off to the Records Clerks at the police department.

Inter-departmental Traffic Committee

Citizen Concern Request

ITC Citizen Concern Request Form

The Interdepartmental Traffic Committee (ITC) is comprised of city professionals who make recommendations to the city council on traffic related matters. Members of the ITC represent police, fire, public works and planning and they meet monthly on the third Tuesday. Traffic matters are heard by the ITC when the city council requests input or a private individual makes a special request using the "Interdepartmental Traffic Committee Citizen Concern Request" form to have a traffic concern addressed.

You can download a form by clicking the "ITC Citizen Concern Request" link and using the Print function on your web browser. Fill out the form completely. It might be helpful to draw a diagram or include photographs to illustrate your point. Include other documentation as well (such as a copy of your disability placard when requesting a disability parking space at your residence).

When the form is complete, mail it to:

Inter-departmental Traffic Committee
Department of Public Services 
280 Spring Street
Newport, RI 02840